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PAC offers an extensive product line ranging from high-end Bizjet and VIP custom seating to deluxe lie-flat sleeper seats and other types of airliner seating. The large diversity of products in our portfolio reflects the scope of interior projects PAC has been involved with over the years. Regardless of features, every product meets the same high standards for design, engineering, certification and production quality.

All 16G seats and divans feature a modular design for quick adaptation to different aircraft platforms. This design approach includes Bizjet, VIP, and Airliner seating products. Many of the Innovative Product Features developed for PAC’s track and swivel seats are used throughout the product line. Examples include custom back shells, the keyhole seat pan locking system, and quick release seat track fasteners.

If motorized features are requested, PAC specifies the quietest, highest quality aviation certified electronics system available.

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