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Bizjet/VIP Aircraft Seating Products

Model 1400 Series Track and Swivel Seats

  • Single Seats range tested for 12” to 21” leg spacing, forward and aft facing
  • Any Upholstery Build-Up, DAX 26 to DAX 90 foam
  • Standard Seat Pan Lifter with Seat Recline
  • All Features shown on the Innovative Product Features web page
  • Custom Arm sizes and shapes, along with Custom Back Shells
  • Optional Drop-Down Arms
  • Optional Headrest types and styles
  • Double Units available, depending on the application
  • Optional Motorized Operation
    • - Recline with manual override
    • - Leg rest with manual override
    • - Extending footrest, similar to a lie-flat sleeper seat design
    • - Motorized release of track and swivel locks
    • - Lumbar, either single or double bladder design
    • - Seat and back massage system
    • - Headrest up/down with optional flex wings

Divans, all Types, Sizes, and Configurations

  • Berthing Types, forward, side, or aft facing, low back design for “L” or “U” shaped configurations
    • - Manual or motorized berthing pan deployment
  • Slouching Types, forward, side or aft facing, low or high back designs
    • - Manual or motorized slouching operation
    • - Optional manual or motorized leg rest
    • - Optional motorized footrest extension
  • Curved Divans and Corner Units
  • Pull-Out Bed Divans, different sizes and shapes
  • Motorized Tracking Divans
  • Bunk Bed Convertible Divans
  • 9G Berthing Divans for Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream aircraft
    • - Manual or motorized berthing pan deployment

Bed Frames, Custom Sizes, Tilting and/or Lifting Options, with Manual or Motorized Operation

Jump Seats, with Seat Tracking and Rotation and Cabinet Stowable Design

Utility Seats and Litter Assemblies