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October 12, 2011

PAC Seating Systems partners with L-3 Platform Integration on a 747-8 Head-of-State completion project.

PAC Seating Systems, Inc. (PAC), located in Palm City, Florida, USA has been selected by L-3 Platform Integration Head-of-State Completion Center in Waco, Texas, to provide a full range of 16G VIP seats, divan frames, slouching seats, and full-flat sleeper seats with VIP surround cabinets for installation in a 747-8 Head-of-State completion project. This project is PAC Seating's 37th VIP Airliner program.

PAC Seating now has more than 155 FAA TSO certifications for a wide variety of seating types. In addition to its VIP Airliner programs, PAC manufactures products for Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, Piaggio, and Sikorsky, and many other completion centers that specialize in refurbishment projects. Almost every seating product is available with motorized options, including recline, leg rests, foot rests, lumbar, massage, head rests, swivel/tracking lock release, berthing, slouching, bed tilting pans, and head lift. Whenever possible, PAC certifies 16G seating products with a 12-inch-high seat pan and a complete range of upholstery foam densities. This approach provides for a true VIP upholstery finish, as well as custom seat cushions that can be individually tailored for the ultimate in passenger comfort.

PAC now offers the following VIP seating configurations for 16G Airliner platforms:

  • Track and Swivel single seats
  • Track and Swivel double seats
  • First-Class fixed double seats
  • Premium Economy double seats
  • Premium Economy triple seats
  • Full-Flat Sleeper seats & surround cabinets
  • Berthing Divans: forward, aft, side facing
  • Slouching Seats: forward, aft, side facing
  • Corner and custom shaped Divans
  • Beds, all sizes and shapes, custom built

For more than 23 years, the L-3 Head-of-State Completion Center has offered a full range of widebody and business jet interior completion services for VIP and Head-of-State customers. Its services include design, fabrication, installation, certification and post-delivery support. In addition to interior completions, the site is known for complex technical modifications for both civilian and military aircraft programs. To learn more about L-3's Head-of-State Completion Center, please visit the company's website at

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